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Slitting Line Machine in India

Saurashtra Engineers is a Leading Manufacturer of Slitting Line Machine In India. We have an expertise in manufacturing Slitting Lines and its equipment. We supply slitting lines and equipments. Saurashtra Engineers is in the sector of manufacturing, exporting, and supplying Sheet Metal Processing and Industrial Engineering Machines and Tools.

Slitting line Machine can do uncoiling, slitting and recoiling works, make coil steel to any needed width coil steel. It mainly includes coil car, uncoiler, shearer, correct device, slitting machine, scrap recoiler, tension unit, press unit, recoiler and coil car, hydraulic system, etc. It mainly used in coil or hot rolling carbon steel, silicon steel and all the other kinds of metal materials with surface spreading.

This line can be adjusted to do recoiling or dividing work to meet customers demands.PLC system is used to select the information from every part of the line, centrally controlled. There also has speed self adjusted and keep memory after lost power supply function. So the line has efficient performance.