Saurashtra Engineers is a leading Slitting Line Manufacturer in India and Slitting Machine Manufacturers in India. We have an expertise in manufacturing Slitting Lines and its equipment. A Slitting Line is used to break down master coils into smaller coils of a particular width. We offer high quality and efficient slitting lines for Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled ferrous strips as well as non-ferrous strips. These Slitting lines can be custom designed on the basis of production capacity, high quality of slit product, automation level, flexibility of operations and budget of the clients.

We are the leading manufacturer of Slitting Line in Gujarat.


Thickness/mm : 0.2 to 4.0 mm

Width/mm: 100 to 2000 mm

Line Speed: 25 to 100 mtr/minute

Coil Weight Capacity: 5 to 30 Ton

Approximate Price : 21 lakh to 1.2 Cr *

Price will be varied according to your cutomize requirement.

Slitting Line Elevation

  • De-Coiler
  • Coil Car
  • Pinch Roll Unit/Leveller Unit
  • Pressure Pad
  • Vertical Guide Unit
  • Hydraulic Shearing
  • Sletter Head
  • Scrap Winder
  • Ideal Roll
  • Looper Table
  • Ideal Roll
  • Pressure Pad
  • Pinch Roll Unit
  • Re-Coiler


  • 4 Jaw Reverse Pyramid system
  • Drum as per your Requirement
  • Hydraulic or Manual Expand & Collapse
  • M.S.Fabricated Body
  • Drum type breaking system
De Coiler Saurashtra Engineers

Slitting Machine

  • Arbour as per your requirement
  • Worm Gearbox Clutch Coupline System
  • M.S.Fabricated Table
  • Mechanical Screw Down System
  • Cutter (Material D-3)
  • Spacer (Material En-31)
  • Guide Unit
  • Pressure Pad Mechanical system
  • Pinion Stand
  • Mechanical Over Arm
  • Pinch Roll System


  • 4 Jaw Reverse Pyramid System
  • Drum as per your Requirement
  • Hydraulic or Manual Expand & Collapse
  • M.S.Fabricated Body
Recoiler Saurashtra Engineers

Scrap Winder

  • Mechanical Clutch system
  • Cone Type Drum
  • Heavy Duty Reduction Gear Box